Friday, March 5, 2010

Bill Day

Today is payday, which means today is the day which i need to pay some bills. Today's bills are the mortgage(510), credit card(50), credit card(150),and credit card(200). Tomorrow i have to go grocery shopping, ugh, which is another 100 dollars down the drain. And, im also going to be paying off my macys card, which i used to buy that suit. I really need to get on top of studying for my series 7, so i can do some day trading to help me get out of this rut.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well F me....

Well...I just screwed myself royally, and not in the good way...I logged on to check my paycheck, and well its $150 less then what i normally get.. I knew i would be lower, but not that much lower. Basically what happened, was i got rid of the deductions on my paycheck, from 3 to 0, since for the 2010 tax return ill be filing for single status. The ONLY good thing that will come from this, is that the lower paychecks should help in he divorce. We shall see. My attorney hasn't been returning my emails, so i wonder whats going on there? I still need to pay her another 1500. ugh. Today = bad money day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bills, Bills, BIlls

Well i had to pay a $90 garbage bill today. It had to be paid, since i was 6 months past due. Im still looking for a new apartment, and i have no idea what i can afford since the support figures are far from being finalized. Supposedly i could be liable for up to $1500 a month. When i make $2000 a month, that does not leave much to even live on. Now one proposal that has been tossed around is $1100 a month, which is doable, as that would leave 900 a month to live on. What i planned to do is put all my student loans on a one year forbearance and then i have money saved up(read below), to pay a years worth of rent. After a year, the support figure will go down, as the alimony will no longer be applicable, but then again, student loans will pick up and rent will be do again..but i have to take it one step at a time..So i have to focus on getting through 1 year first.