Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bills, Bills, BIlls

Well i had to pay a $90 garbage bill today. It had to be paid, since i was 6 months past due. Im still looking for a new apartment, and i have no idea what i can afford since the support figures are far from being finalized. Supposedly i could be liable for up to $1500 a month. When i make $2000 a month, that does not leave much to even live on. Now one proposal that has been tossed around is $1100 a month, which is doable, as that would leave 900 a month to live on. What i planned to do is put all my student loans on a one year forbearance and then i have money saved up(read below), to pay a years worth of rent. After a year, the support figure will go down, as the alimony will no longer be applicable, but then again, student loans will pick up and rent will be do again..but i have to take it one step at a time..So i have to focus on getting through 1 year first.

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