Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hmm..I just realized something the other day. In the past few months, i have gotten a brand new card for all of my credit cards. I cut them all up a few years ago to help reduce debt. But now that im upside down with my budget, it seems like they all sent me a new one so i can spend, spend, spend. I have to be careful here. I cant cut them up, since most likely i will be needing them. Also, i got my tax return yesterday. $5600. So i immediately paid my car insurance as it is due today at midnight. That was $640, but since i had $300 already in the account, only $340 was used. But, i need to pay off my Macy card from the suit i bought for my grandmother's funeral, so there goes that $340. SO basically i have $5000 left. I need to have enough to get me through June, at $800 a month(from previous post), that's $3200. That leaves $1800, which i will add to savings for when i move out. Financial disaster is still imminent, but since my return was higher than i expected, i have prolonged the inevitable.

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